»The Institute of General Theory is a project of indeterminate duration, for anything from one to an infinite number of participants. It operates in an undefined area, in the grey zone where there is no distinction between fiction and science, art and craft, independent work and self exploitation; between game, experiment and paid work, between experimental and studio space, or between museum and university.«

Drawing, Research Laboratory with Table, Shelf, Aluminium Box, Devices, 2007

»The IAT considers itself a laboratory for »omnidisciplinary thought experiments«, the results of which are meticulously documented and recorded in a constantly growing archive. This archive should contribute to the creation of a »General Theory« which would claim to observe everything that might cross the Institute’s way on its meandering odyssey.«

Jean-Baptiste Joly
Founding Director, Akademie Schloss Solitude

»Institut für Allgemeine Theorie, Institute of General Theory«
merz&solitude, 2007