Transmutation is the transformation of one object into another. Usually this term refers to the transformation of chemical elements, for example from lead to gold or from gold to pure energy, but it can also be used in a metaphorical sense in other fields.

For the latest work of the Institute of General Theory, 100 metres of black-and-yellow signal tape were transformed in a collective process from the original rolled-up form into a fragile, completely unfolded state, and then rolled back up into another form. The signal tape, which usually warns us of obstacles or dangerous places, suddenly became an obstacle itself, and also very fragile and delicate due to its free-floating spatial condition. For this reason, full concentration was required from all participants.


The initiating artist Hagen Betzwieser was on a flight to New York during this action. The process was carried out by the gallery owners of the mehrzweck-halle, Christina Renz and Georg Birkner, on the basis of precise written instructions. As soon as the artist arrived he was informed of the success of the transmutation process.


Transmutation_002 Transmutation_003 Transmutation_004 Transmutation_005

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