Media Plant

More and more, one finds buildings with a high density of cables, which grow up the facade towards the roof, where they usually terminate in a satellite antenna

The examination of the Media Plant deals with the apparently parasitic botanic architecture of this electromagnetic flora which populates our houses and roofs. If photosynthesis is the most important biogeochemical process of the earth, one could view video-synthesis as the most successful and influential optical-acoustic process of contemporary society.

Comparing A and B, similarities between the Media Plant and a potato plant cannot be denied.
For the installation (page 28 to 29), a Media Plant was precisely harvested in a surgical operation and was completely reconstructed for further analysis in a separate room.

MedialePflanze  301e


A) Potato plant. Flower, stem, leaves, stem, potato
B) Satellite TV device. Satellite antenna, cable, receiver, cable, TV

in collaboration with

Goran Zivadinovic

Part of "Omnibus"
Büro Diffus, Stuttgart