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The Boy Who Discoverd Mercury


works with the physical space and the history of Soda as a chemical, with the future it gave and the wealth it provided for many people as well as with the heritage we have to deal with today.


The low UV lighted room is filled with a strong smell of washing powder and frankincense. In the main body of the work, three vertical green laser beams rest above heavy limestones. The ground is covered with washing detergent. The area is closed by a box made out of cling film and wood. Through a pipe system, haze is released to the environment and to a smoke stack which is hold by a tripod. On the opposite side of the space a tower of little bricks and sugar in a perspex box is positioned on a plinth. The hermetically sealed box is connected by a 15 m long hose to the outside of the building and ends up very closeley to an ant hole. A can of Coke was poured through the hose to attract ants. The ants never came.

The Boy Who Discovered Mercury
Invitation to the Ants
The first proposal seeked to transform the CACS from the inside and during the night from the outside with several site-specific video projections and a large and highly visible laser installation. Original sketches can be found on During the course of the work it changed according to the situation more and more to the final gallery based installation.


was a one month long artist-in-residency project that transformed the Contemporary Art Center Solvay (CACS) into a building-wide art installation.

Conceived and curated by Halfslant, Nowa Soda brought together four international artists to use the physical space and historical significance of the CACS building as a means to enter into a dialogue with Krakow's Podgorze community.

Curated by Halfslant

More information and documentary can be found on