Edition Handwerk

For the Edition #1 »The Soul of Craft«, which was produced for the Chamber of Crafts of Baden-Wuerttemberg, a complex process was developed.

116 rolls of signal tape were retaped from their original cardboard cores onto custom-made, anodized aluminium cores, which had been engraved with a laser on the inside and by hand on the outside. This retaping process was made possible by a machine that had been specifically developed for this purpose by the IAT.

The final pieces are stored in a 12 x 12 x 5,5 cm grey cardboard box, together with a little booklet and a piece of foam. Each work bears the title and a stamped serial number on a tag which is attached to the box with rough parcel string.

On March 11, 2007, the whole edition was shown in a once-off shelf installation in Karlsruhe.


in collaboration with
Goran Zivadinovic, Martin Maurer and Jean-Baptiste Joly
Handwerkskammer Baden-Würrtemberg, Karlsruhe