Investigation A

Research: Norway


Field research
with the aim to explore the surrounding and the landscape.
The IAT was set up. Research started. New collaborations were established.
Expeditions took place.


NKD 002a

Set 004

Mesh Mountain,

Concept for a large scale laser installation. The projected mesh will turn the landscape into a giant wireframe rendering. A classical orchestra will play accordingly to the transformation.



Idyllica Nordica, Expedition to Tutagro.
First collaboration with Sue Corke, UK and beginning of WE COLONISED THE MOON

»Too much nature can be deadly. Auto immunity, delirium and coma are symptoms of the condition of over exposure to beauty. Human activity on earth is described by an impulse and belief in the necessity and desirability of progress linked to technology and medicine but we are increasingly allergic to our environment - it makes us sick. Now things are getting critical. We are perhaps already past the apex of survivability on earth, over-sensitised. We define the syndrome Idyllica.«


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Particle Acceleration Experiment. Experiment paralell to the start of the LHC in Geneva.

Four different colors were painted on the floor in front of four test fields. During the process of acceleration, the green, blue, red and yellow particles, in a circular rotation, created interesting and surprising effects on the test site. Some were expected, some not.

NKD, Nordic Artists’ Center, Dale, Norway